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Aureity Financial Consultants assists in faciliating an extensive range of secured property loan options to suit individual needs.

Through our tie-ups with various banks and financial institutions, we offer the best loan products to customers.

By understanding the customers’ requirement for the loan, we assist in loan application, processing, approval, documentation and disbursal of the loan. The end-to-end process of the loan is handled by us in a professional and efficient manner.

Secured Loans

Secured loan refers to a loan that is raised when a borrower pledges an asset (such as property, car, gold, etc.) as collateral. Among them mortgage loan is a type of secured loan in which a person mortgages his or her asset or property to get the loan. Types of secured loan includes home loan, mortgage loan, car loan, gold loan, etc.
Aureity being associated with the property market specializes primarily in facilitating property related loans under the secured loans category. The loans that we assist in is as below:


Home loan is the sum of money borrowed from a bank or financial institution to purchase/construct a house/flat/ villa.


Mortgage loan is also known as loan against property and is raised by an individual against the property owned by him/her. This property can be residential or commercial. The end use of the loan can be to fund educational expenses, marriage expenses, medical expenses, business needs, debt consolidation, purchase of new property, etc. The loan raised cannot be used for any speculative purpose.

Project loan is a loan raised to start a new manufacturing or service enterprise against the security of residential or commercial property.

This loan is raised to meet the working capital needs of a business with a satisfactory operational record, against the security of residential or commercial property.

Lease rental discounting is a term loan which is offered against the rental receipts derived from the lease contracts with a corporate tenant. The loan is offered to the lessor based on the discounted value of the rental receipts and the property value.

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